ACI Worldwide Payments partners with Bell to simplify mobile NFC payments

Deliver issuance and management of mobile NFC payment tokens

ACI Worldwide, a provider of payment solutions, has expanded its partnership with Bell ID, a provider of smart card and token management solutions (view press release). The partnership aims to use ACI Token Manager for Mobile to deliver issuance and management of mobile near field communication (NFC) payment tokens for devices equipped with contactless technology.

The partnership believes that the product is enhanced by ACI’s background in providing contactless and mobile payments solutions to retailers and financial institutions combined with Bell ID’s background in NFC lifecycle management software.  It intends to provide over-the-air (OTA) lifecycle management of applications, cryptographic keys and secure elements on NFC enabled mobile devices. The platform can be implemented by organizations choosing to launch mobile payment systems or seeking to add Trusted Service Manager (TSM) capabilities to their offerings.

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