Alior Bank launches new digital bank in Poland

Digital bank complete with virtual branches, mobile apps, Facebook payments, etc.

Polish Alior Bank is launching Alior Sync, a digital bank complete with virtual branches, mobile apps, Facebook payments, personal finance management tools and an ‘entertainment area’ (view press release). Alior Sync, a subsidiary of Alior Bank, was created by working alongside IND Group, Alfavox, Oracle and HP. They aim to target a younger, digitally aware customer base with access available to their branches via their website. Alior Sync has spent PLN50 million in 8 months on the project, and is hoping to see 1 million customers and PLN4 billion in deposits in the next 4 years.

On the site, a tab will show how many employees are free to talk, and through which medium, video chat, audio or text, and the customer will be put through. Apps are also being released on Android and iOS so that customers can check their finances, transfer funds and pay invoices using the camera on their smartphones. The customers will have access to a finance management tool which can import account histories from other banks, help keep them on budget, and alert them when transactions occur. Alior have also been working alongside Vendor IND Group to allow the customers to transfer funds through Facebook photos which are authorised by unique pin codes via SMS and captcha. PayPal payments will also be allowed via email. The entertainment area will feature films, music and games. Discount deals and free cinema tickets will be offered to customers who recommend the bank on Facebook.

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