WePay partners Fundable.com to power payments

Explosive growth in the crowdfunding space

WePay is partnering with crowdsourcing platform, Fundable.com, to power the company’s payments (view press release). The WePay Marketplace API enables companies such as Fundable.com to allow their users to start accepting payments immediately, without requiring a pre-existing merchant account.

As crowdfunding evolves into a legitimate source of funding for small businesses, the technologies used to facilitate transactions must keep the pace,” said Bill Clerico, WePay CEO. “WePay’s payment API is designed to provide the ease-of-use, compliance, and flexibility to support the rapidly growing demand for crowdsourced payments.”

Crowdfunding platforms raised USD1.5 billion last year and funded around 1 million campaigns. The recently passed JOBS act (also known as the Crowdfunding Bill), which allows startups to publicly raise money from non-traditional investors, has initiated explosive growth in the space.

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