Digicel Pacific launches biometric ID system for international money transfers

Biometric enabled payment systems

Digicel Pacific, a mobile network operator in the Pacific region and division of Digicel Group, is deploying biometric enabled payment systems in stores across New Zealand to offer its Mobile Money customers a way to send remittances to the Pacific (view press release). The system enables customers to register by recording their fingerprint as permanent identification within the Digicel system. From then on they can then scan their fingerprint at the VeriFone terminal to retrieve their details and make a new transaction. The system is designed to save people time as regulators in New Zealand require that people provide a photo ID each time they make an international money transfer in order to satisfy Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

KYC is an important requirement, but it takes time and means that customers must bring photo ID with them every time they want to send money,” said Digicel Pacific Regional Commercial Director, Darren McLean. “We set out to deliver a service that improved the speed and convenience of our customers and I am delighted that we have achieved our objective. Our new service is now the fastest way to send money to the Pacific.”

Digicel Mobile Money is used in five countries in the Pacific and turns the mobile phone into a wallet enabling subscribers to store money, send money to each other, pay bills and top up with airtime. Earlier this month Digicel Pacific partnered with VeriFone mWallet to launch Beep and Go in Tonga, an NFC service which links NFC tags to the mobile phone number and contactless payment devices enabling customers to pay with a tap and go of their mobile phone. 

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