Bango announces end of year results

Expecting to see continued growth in end user activity

Bango, the mobile web payments and analytics company, has released its final results for the year ended 31st March 2012 (view press release). Turnover for the year reached GBP 15.6 million, (FY2012: GBP 19.3 million,) with a gross profit of GBP 2.29 million, (FY2012 GBP 2.49 million.) These results do not include any material income from agreements signed with Amazon and Facebook, but include costs relating to the establishment of these relationships.

Operational highlights for the year include connecting to around 900 million consumers from 90 worldwide mobile operators; increasing global reach to include operators in South America and Asia; continuing momentum with names such as Blackberry App World, Opera, Facebook (as of Feb 2012), Amazon (Dec 2011), Microsoft, Google Play and MasterCard; enhancing its payments platform; doubling Analytics volumes in 12 months; recruiting a new COO and CFO and starting development in the area of mobile wallets.

“Looking forward, we expect to see continued growth in end user activity driven by our increased mobile network connections worldwide, alongside our increased pervasiveness with major industry names and services,” said Bango CEO, Ray Anderson. “Additionally, we will continue to grow our analytics product which is highly synergistic to the payments platform.” 

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