CoupFlib launches Boston site for buying and selling daily deals

CoupFlip Boston

CoupFlip is launching a new website, CoupFlip Boston, which gives deal hunters in the Boston area a place to buy and sell their daily deals in a secondary market (view press release). Sellers are paid immediately for their deal by CoupFlib’s proprietary technology that values the deal based on factors such as expiration, value and quantity sold. CoupFlip then markets the deals to buyers on the site, enabling them to identify what they want, make the purchase and use the deal immediately.

“People are always trying to buy and sell their Groupons and Living Socials,” said CoupFlip Founder and CEO, Phil McDonnell. “You see them for sale all over Craigslist, but sellers lack a fast way to get fair market value for their daily deals and buyers can’t find what they’re looking for easily. We buy the deals outright from sellers, then help buyers to find what they’re looking for. Whether that means searching by location, type, or even expiration. We have discounts on everything from vacations to dinners to kids’ activities.”

Around 30% of the USD 5 billion in annual deals sold goes unused. A CoupFlip survey claims that an additional 30% of the deal buyers would have sold their deals if they could.

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