Credit Agricole Cards and Payments partners ACI Worldwide for enhanced payment infrastructure

BASE24-eps payment engine

ACI Worldwide, an international provider of payment systems, is partnering with Credit Agricole Cards and Payments to renew the company’s payment infrastructure and international ATM network (view press release). The two parties have collaborated together since 2009 and, as part of this new deal, Credit Agricole Cards and Payments is implementing ACI’s BASE24-eps payment engine which runs on IBM Power 770 systems. The solution will enable the bank to support its customers internationally.

The deal initially saw ACI Worldwide develop a new vendor-independent ATM acquiring solution to support Credit Agricole’s network of 22,000 ATMs. An international switch enabling Credit Agricole Cards and Payments to route its clients’ payments directly to MasterCard without going through the national switch in France was then created. ACI and Credit Agricole are also planning to use BASE24-eps for transaction authorisation for the 30 million or so cards issued by Credit Agricole’s various institutions.

When we selected BASE24-eps we knew we were getting a solution that could grow with us in the future, both in France and internationally, and give us a strong foundation on which to build our business,” said Credit Agricole Cards and Payments CEO, Bernard Noel.

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