GETI integrates NorseCorp’s eCommerce fraud prevention service

Securing ACH and cheque transactions

Global eTelecom (GETI), a US-based electronic cheque and ACH payment processor is integrating NorseCorp’s eCommerce Fraud Prevention service to secure its ACH and cheque transactions (view press release). As part of the deal, GETI will incorporate NorseCorp’s IPViking technology and use its proprietary and real time IPQ Score indicator to prevent high-risk and potentially fraudulent payments from being accepted by merchants.

NorsceCorp claims its eCommcerce fraud prevention service is more powerful than competitors’ solutions because it proactively gathers intelligence on IP Addresses engaged in fraudulent and criminal activity before the transaction.

The service addresses two essential aspects of effective fraud prevention,” said NorseCorp CPO, Skip Foss. “It offers accuracy in evaluating the legitimacy of the IP address behind any transaction, and it delivers that information in real time for automated decision-making, not manual review.”

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