MyEchain partners Cellfire for mobile app coupons, promotions and savings

Grocery coupons to loyalty savings cards

MyEchain, a loyalty and reward card app, is partnering with Cellfire, a provider of digital grocery coupons, to enable MyEchain iPhone app users to browse and upload grocery coupons to their grocery saving cards and redeem savings at around 5,000 stores across the US (view press release). The new partnership will enable MyEchain users to link a manufacturer’s coupon to their grocery savings loyalty reward card for redemption within the grocery store. 

Having the ability for users to seamlessly associate coupons they normally wouldn’t have access to on their loyalty card is a game changer for consumer savings,” said James McLaughlin, director of marketing at MyEchain. “Being able to scan their loyalty card from their iPhone, and in the near future Android smartphone, is the icing on the cake for the experience of the savvy shopper,” 

The app is currently available in the App store and will be released for Android next month.

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