Paydiant’s mobile platform gets viaForensics appSecure certification

appSecure certification

The mobile payment platform devised by Paydiant, a provider of cloud-based mobile wallet and mobile payment solutions for retailers, banks and processors, has earned appSecure certification from viaForensics (view press release). The certification was awarded following the evaluation of methods used within Payiant’s mobile wallet solution to prevent the exposure of sensitive transaction data in processing mobile payments. The appSecure certification process involved a series of tests including network analysis, operational security testing, deep inspection of permanently and temporarily stored data, and encryption technology.

The apps were found to meet our very high standards for appSecure certification, which require best practices for secure mobile development and no exposure of sensitive data,” said viaforensics chief investigative officer, Andrew Hoog.

Paydiant’s cloud-based, mobile wallet and payment solution enables retailers, banks and processors to deploy a branded contactless mobile wallet, mobile payment and cash access platform without involving new intermediaries. 

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