Wallaby Financial launches Wallaby Card in beta

A single unifying credit card and connected personal digital wallet

Wallaby Financial, a digital wallet and credit card company from LA-based MuckerLab startup accelerator programme, is launching a beta version of the Wallaby Card (view press release). Designed for the average American consumer who holds more than three credit cards, Wallaby features a single unifying credit card and connected personal digital wallet. The system reviews the customer’s current credit situation and directs spending from the Wallaby card to the most advantageous link. Rules are established based on the user’s stated preferences, allowing the customer to gain rewards available for their particular cards.

Users can designate what percentage of their spending goes to which cards, or they can have Wallaby manage the process automatically. Via a mobile app, customers can view their accounts, change their preferences and make use of social features such as check-ins to Foursquare and Facebook, and the ability to include Facebook ‘Likes’ or ‘tweets’ regarding transactions.

“Wallaby is the first service that brings together a new combination of a flexible, cloud-based wallet and an intelligent, connected physical credit card that can be used at any location,” said founder and CEO of Wallaby, Matthew Goldman. “We know from primary research that 90% of consumers carry reward cards and 70% of them agree that credit card rewards programmes are confusing. We are making it easy for people to earn the most rewards by channelling spending toward the best card for each transaction, making sure each consumer gets the most from their credit card annual fees.” 

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