Visa launches Payment Controls for small businesses expense management

Brings efficiency and transparency to traditionally paper-based payment systems

Visa is launching Visa Payment Controls, an online platform designed to help small business owners manage transactions and payments on employees’ business cards (view press release). The platform is designed to bring efficiency and transparency to traditionally paper-based payment systems and allow owners to see where company finances are being spent.

Visa Payment Controls allows small business owners to manage how employees use business cards based on location, such as international or domestic travel blocking; spending limits, such as cash access restrictions, purchase and ATM withdrawal limits; or categories such as transaction type and merchant category restrictions.

Today, many small businesses use cash or checks for everyday work related expenses, which requires employees to submit individual receipts and detailed reports for reimbursement,” said Janet Zablock, head of global small business at Visa. “This manual process makes tracking and managing expenses for both the employee and the employer a cumbersome and time-consuming task. With Visa Payment Controls, business owners can ease the process.”

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