mPowa enters US mobile payment market

Challenging market leader Square

UK based Powa Technologies is launching its mobile PoS device, mPowa, in the US (view press release). The solution, launched by British e-commerce entrepreneur Dan Wagner, consists of an app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Blackberry devices, and a card reader, and enables the processing of credit and debit card payments on the go. mPowa accepts payments via magnetic stripe readers which can be plugged into the phone’s audio jack or a Chip & PIN device which communicates with the phone through Bluetooth. The device is expected to challenge market leader Square which does not support increasingly popular Chip and PIN cards.

It was incredibly important to us that we were able to cater for the growing number of credit cards globally that bear a chip. Chip & PIN technology is already extensively used throughout Europe and Asia and as more companies introduce it as a way of providing an added layer of security, the features of mPowa become all the more crucial for companies worldwide” said Dan Wagner CEO and chairman of Powa Technologies.

The mobile and reader are free and a 0.25% fee is charged for each credit or debit card payment processed. Receipts for transactions can be sent by email or SMS and a web-based Merchant Dashboard account management system enables users to fully monitor payments. 

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