SYSPRO launches new cloud-based PoS solution

SYSPRO Point of Sale

SYSPRO, a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilisation is launching its own PoS retailing solution (view press release).  The solution, SYSPRO Point of Sale, has integrated retail management and market capabilities and is built on a single source code underpinning SYSPRO’s ERP software that is used by around 14,500 companies globally.

Features of the solution include the ability to customise orders, manage inventory, shipping, transit and store management and card-based customer loyalty programmes. The device has also has an ‘always on’ offline option in the event of network outages.  SYSPRO claims its new PoS solution benefits manufactures and distributors with complex pricing configurations, such as those found in electronics, machinery and equipment, food and medical device sectors – industries where SYSPRO has a presence.

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