Flinqer bags funding from Newion Investments

B-round funding

Flinqer, a collaborative cash management network based in Holland, has raised an undisclosed amount of B-round funding from Newion Investments (view press release). The funds will be used to boost sales and market development.

Flinqer is a network of companies that tune the timing of payments in order to become less reliant on banks. Its online platform matches requested and offered discounts by business partners to pay outstanding invoices immediately. Members can see if immediate payment of their outstanding invoices is more beneficial than alternatives and act accordingly.

Like supply chain management optimizes flows of goods and reduces inventories, Flinqer optimizes cash flow and reduces debt,” said Jaap van Barneveld, partner at Newion Investments. “Since both suppliers and buyers benefit from Flinqer, we anticipate considerable growth of the Flinqer platform.”

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