Viableware and MagTek partner to secure RAIL payment platform

‘Unique encryption key’ with each transaction

Viableware, creator of the RAIL payment platform for restaurants, is partnering with electronic device manufacturer MagTek, for the encryption of sensitive card data at the point of swipe (view press release). Through the deal, MagTek has embedded its technology on the microchip inside the RAIL magnetic reading head that combines encryption, token generation, and authentication of both cards and the reader itself. MagTek’s technology encrypts card data at the point of swipe by using a ‘unique encryption key’ with each transaction. Its card authentication technology, MagnePrint, can identify fraudulent cards in real-time and alert the restaurant, allowing store owners to stop these transactions before they are processed.

By utilising MagTek’s MagneSafe™ Security Architecture in the development of the RAIL, we’re not only able to protect restaurant guests from card data theft, but provide restaurant operators with a payment platform that shortens their path to PCI compliance,” said Joe Snell, CEO of Viableware. 

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