Mobey Forum reveals the hidden controls hindering m-wallet development

Hidden controls

The development of m-wallet technology is being hindered by a number of ‘hidden controls’ which remain for the most part unexplored in the public domain, according to Mobey Forum’s latest white paper (view press release). The white paper, dubbed ‘Mobile Wallet: The Hidden Controls’, takes a look at the future and considers the external forces that will dictate how consumers and merchants engage with m-wallet technology in their day to day lives. The paper defines and analyses a series of ‘hidden control points’ which map the commercial areas where stakeholders will compete to influence both acceptance and adoption of m-wallet technology.

As the first wave of mobile wallet solutions start to appear, the market’s attention remains fixed on mobile wallet apps and the devices where they reside,” said Amir Tabakovic, Head of Market Development at PostFinance and Chair of the Mobey Forum Mobile Wallet Taskforce. “We think this is unbalanced – the mobile wallet ecosystem is highly complex and its component parts are interdependent. The market’s failure to adequately consider the external forces influencing the mobile wallet is preventing the technology from fulfilling its full potential.”

The paper is the third in a series of Mobey Forum m-wallet white papers.

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