Meracord offers services to check cashing stores

Offering its services to check cashing stores

Meracord, a third-party contract payment service provider, is offering its services to check cashing stores (view press release). Through the initiative, check cashing companies can use Meracord for check processing, the conversion of checks to cash, cash disbursement and funds transfers, with the same security and protections offered by traditional banks. Meracord’s service is designed to assist those who rely on check cashing, such as the unbanked, to cash their paychecks so that they have access to funds instantly.

As we work to provide accurate payment services, we are finding new industries where Meracord is needed and believe check cashing is a valuable industry for our services. It is the security of our service backed by our licensing, bonding and compliance with state and federal regulation, that makes Meracord a valuable asset to check cashing stores,” said Vince Bianco, executive vice president of sales and marketing.

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