MTA Metro-North Railroad collaborates with Masabi US to test m-ticketing

M-ticketing trial

MTA Metro-North Railroad is collaborating with mobile ticketing specialists Masabi, to test an m-ticketing app which allows commuters to use their phone to buy and display electronic tickets (view press release). During the pilot, users will be able to download the app to their iPhone, Android or Blackberry and buy any type of ticket using their credit or debit card. The time and date is stamped onto the electronic ticket which is displayed on the user’s phone screen allowing a conductor to validate it. The electronic ticket also shows a barcode that is scanned and verified using a conductor’s hand held device.

Next month, railroad staff will start testing the m-ticketing technology including a time measurement study to compare the new method to current on-board ticket selling, collection and inspection. Efficacy and anti-fraud measures will also be tested and, if successful, Metro North Railroad will make plans to roll out the service.

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