Sionic Mobile launches ION Rewards

Earn rewards for making purchases

Mobile technology company, Sionic Mobile, is launching ION Rewards, a free app that enables consumers in the US to earn rewards for making purchases, pay with their phones, connect with friends and sign up to their favourite places (view press release). Using Dwolla payments, consumers can earn digital ION rewards by paying with their phone at any ION merchant, without the need for a physical wallet. The app works without an additional chip or device required by the consumer or merchant and mobile payments are instant. ION has incorporated a built-in social layer where friends can connect inside the app and share extra rewards when any of their connections use ION.

We’ve taken the ease and practicality of, say, the Starbucks mobile payment app, but rather than scanning barcodes on customers’ phones and mailing card rewards, we transfer cash securely through the cloud using Dwolla and deliver instant, digital rewards for every purchase,” said Ronald Herman, CEO. “[In addition], every ION merchant accepts Dwolla and rewards customers with IONs so users can earn IONs at one place and spend them like cash at another.”

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