Smart Transaction Systems launches gift and loyalty app

Gift and loyalty transactions on Apple devices

Smart Transaction Systems, a provider of gift card solutions, is releasing an app which allows businesses to process gift and loyalty card transactions using any of Apple’s mobile touchscreen products (view press release). The app, which uses QR codes on the back of cards to process transactions, is designed to give small businesses a new way to accept and sell gift cards in-store and in mobile environments. Users will be able to customise e-receipts, password-protect the app and use the QR code feature to share contact information with other smartphone users at events.

Our app allows businesses to take advantage of equipment they already have and avoid buying wireless terminals or mag-stripe readers. To process a card, the user simply focuses the smartphone’s camera on the QR code,” said Ray Clopton, president of Smart Transaction Systems. “The app automatically scans the card and captures the card data. There is no need for a receipt printer [as] after the transaction is complete, the user can email a receipt to the customer.”

There are plans to release an Android version later this year.

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