MasterCard launches MasterCard Business Network

MasterCard Business Network

MasterCard is launching MasterCard Business Network, an initiative providing small and middle-market business owners with a single website designed to streamline business operations and enhance productivity (view press release). The site, powered by Rearden Commerce’s Deem commerce platform, creates a personalised purchasing experience and is intended to help small and mid-market business owners save money on business supplies, simplify and improve T&E planning and streamline expense management. The resource is available to all MasterCard cardholders.

The MasterCard Business Network has three distinct modules. These include ‘purchase,’ which offers discounts on around 650,000 products delivered from national distributors, including office supplies, computers, construction and electric needs; ‘travel and dining,’ which helps businesses manage their air, hotel and car rental books, create employee travel policies, review restaurant rating and make reservations; and ‘expense,’ which enables users to create, save and print basic expense reports for free. Businesses can also upgrade for enhanced capabilities including the ability to import transaction data from MasterCard credit or debit cards and integrate scanned uploaded receipts.

Smaller businesses don’t think of themselves as small, they just haven’t finished growing yet,” said Ed Glassman, group executive, Global Commercial Products, MasterCard Worldwide. “Through one, integrated site, the MasterCard Business Network is designed to help them grow by delivering some of the critical infrastructure capabilities that can help them save time and money, whether they are purchasing supplies, booking travel, entertaining clients or simply trying to get a handle on their overall expense management.

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