Mobey Forum launches in North America

Launching in North America

Mobey Forum is launching Mobey Forum North America, a new arm of the association created to address mobile finance industry issues facing the region (view press release). The venture will bring together key figures in the marketplace to address issues impacting the mobile financial ecosystem’s future and speed up the development of sustainable mobile financial services (MFS) in the region. Members from AmEx, Bank of America, Capital One, CIBC, MasterCard, TD Bank Group, US Bank and Visa will combine in an effort to deliver sustainable, long term mobile services to the mass market.

Banks and payment service providers in North America are yet to clarify their opinions on how to develop mobile payment services,” said Sirpa Nordlund, executive director of Mobey Forum. “This means there is a real need for stakeholders to find synergies and foster the development of the ecosystem. The North American Chapter aims to provide an environment that meets this need. By establishing guiding principles for the ecosystem, based on the premise that no single stakeholder’s role should undermine consumer confidence or inhibit widespread adoption, we aim to accelerate the evolution of mobile payments to the benefit of consumers and all involved.”

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