Square issues cease and desist letter to mPowa for copying image

Image copying complaint

Square has sent a cease and desist letter to UK cloud e-commerce platform, Powa Technologies, and creator of rival PoS solution, mPowa. The letter demands mPowa to stop using an image deemed similar to a photo Square uses on its website, reports TechCrunch. The two images show a hand swiping a card against a square shaped reader plugged into a mobile phone. Square claims that mPowa has taken the photo from its website and is using it as its own; it is not accusing the company of copying it’s device or technology.

We think this is a petty attempt to divert our focus from trying to capture a meaningful share of the mobile POS market,” Dan Wagner, CEO of mPowa told TechCrunch. “It won’t deter us from our focus, and everything contained in the legal missive is completely unfounded.”

The letter follows the recent news that mPowa is launching in the US.

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