iPad the most commonly used mobile device for payments

iPad most common for m-payments

The iPad is the world’s most commonly used mobile device for payments, with users spending on average 20% more per purchase than on other mobile devices, according to research. Multichannel payment solution provider, Adyen, has released figures taken from over 8 months of payment analysis, which show that 3.6% of all payments are now completed using an iPad, compared with 3% on iPhones and 1.5% on Android.  Conversely, the use of the iPad and Android devices for payments is experiencing the fastest growth. In addition, the number of payments that originate from mobile devices has more than doubled over the past 8 months, from 3.6% in late 2011, to 8.4% in June 2012.

Of all markets, Adyen’s research indicated that ‘daily deal’ websites have experienced the greatest m-payment penetration, with 12.6% of all transactions originating from a mobile device. This is followed by the retail sector, with 7.2%.

Our analysis of the incredibly rapid growth of mobile payments broadly points to four distinct merchant categories: deal-of-the-day services, gaming, ticketing and location-based applications like greeting card companies that allow you to take a picture and instantly turn it into a paid order for a physical postcard to be delivered to a mailbox recipient,” explained Roelant Prins, CCO of Adyen. “There is clearly a consumer appetite to embrace mobile devices, in particular tablets such as the iPad, and merchants have started to listen.”

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