PAY.ON’s software development delivers speedier service to PayPipe customers

Reducing the integration period

PAY.ON AG, operator of the PayPipe routing gateway, is reducing the integration period for commissioned software developments into the PayPipe system from five weeks to seven days, to make required special functions available to customers sooner (view press release). PayPipe clients include payment service providers, acquirers, payments scheme operators and financial institutions in Europe, USA and Asia. PayPipe offers these clients a single interface which enables them to integrate their payment system with those of several hundred payment providers and around 100 international payment method providers. Smaller commissioned developments such as address verification, 3D-Secure and the processing of airline passenger data will be available much sooner in the respective customer system, and partial results for larger projects will also be available after a shorter time. This means that only short notice is required for plausibility and test runs.

“With the new release interval, we are setting an industry standard for continuous delivery  -continuous integration, distribution and delivery of software,” said Wolfgang Berner, VP of product and integration at PAY.ON AG. “The quality of our development is ensured by more than 10,000 fully automated tests in a multilevel test system with automated software distribution and installation. Extremely close system monitoring then checks all operating sequences at all processing and integration levels. With PAY.ON, customers secure maximum reliability and quality in the development of special requirements as well as in live operation.”

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