Plastic Jungle, InComm and Zeevex partner for gift-card-funded digital content

Partnering with Plastic Jungle and InComm

Plastic Jungle, a secured gift card exchange, is partnering with InComm, a marketer, distributor and technology innovator of stored-value gift and prepaid products, and Zeevex, an open virtual currency provider (view press release). The partnership will allow consumers to exchange gift cards for Zeevex ‘shopping power’, and to use gift cards to purchase online games, music, movies and other digital content.

Zeevex supports token-based and point-based virtual currency models. The partnership will also enable digital content publishers to leverage funds from retailers when a consumer turns a gift card into Zeevex currency through Plastic Jungle. Consumers without an established banking or credit card method of payment will also be able to participate in the ecommerce marketplace.

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