AsiaPay launches security access authentication service system

Secure payment authentication

AsiaPay, the ePayment technology arm of AsiaPay Group, is launching the Xecure3D ACS, an access control server (ACS) that supports Visa, MasterCard 3-D Secure standard (view press release). The new ACS is designed to provide online consumers of issuing banks with a more secure payment authentication mechanism to minimise chargeback and fraud risks, while making online payments. It also aims to help issuing banks address and reduce risks and liabilities associated with online payment fraud.

Xecure3D ACS supports both Static Password and on-time password (OTP) authentication options. In addition, it provides controls and online reporting tools for issuing banks to manage cardholder 3D secure registration, cardholder 3D secure status maintenance and 3D secure payment processing. The system can also support multi-lingual and other special card products.

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