iZettle no longer allowed to accept Visa payments in Denmark, Finland and Norway

Visa Europe withdraws support for iZettle

Social payments company, iZettle, has been forced to stop accepting Visa card transactions in Denmark, Finland and Norway, reports Finextra. Users in Sweden will still be able to accept Visa payments, while customers in Denmark, Finland and Norway will be able to take MasterCard.  Finnish customers will also be able to accept American Express while Diners Club cards remain an option in Denmark and Norway.

We are sorry to report that based on a policy decision by Visa Europe, we have no choice but to stop processing Visa card payments in Denmark, Finland and Norway on August 1,” said iZettle’s CEO Jacob de Geer. “We hope we can bring Visa card acceptance back to Denmark, Finland and Norway shortly and will of course keep you posted on the development.”

iZettle has not explained why Visa Europe has made the decision to withdraw support for its system.


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