CSR adds ACH option for data breach reporting and PCI compliance services

Protecting credit card information

CSR, a provider of data compliance solutions, is adding Automated Clearing House (ACH) functionalities as an alternative bill method (view press release). CSR aims to make receivables easier, while creating an opportunity for reseller clients of its PCI Toolkit programme for merchant PCI compliance and the CSR Breach Reporting Toolkit (BRT) data breach reporting service for all organisations, to collect revenues from clients if they leave the reseller for another payments provider.

The PCI Toolkit is designed to simplify PCI DSS compliance for merchants who want to protect the credit card information they collect, while alleviating a significant business burden for acquiring banks and Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs) who manage and monitor their merchants.

The CSR Breach Reporting Toolkit has been created to deal with the issues associated with the process of adhering to the complex reporting regulations related to PII data loss and the subsequent reporting required as mandated by federal, state and other authorities. 

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