Infinite Peripherals launches the Infinea Tab for Apple devices

Use an Apple device as a point-of-sale

Linea-pro from Infinite Peripherals, which works with Apple’s iPod touch 4th generation and the iPhone 4/4S, is now available for the iPad 2 as the Infinea Tab (view press release). The Infinea Tab is a unit that fits with the 30-pin connector on the iPad to add a magnetic stripe reader and a 1D or 2D barcode scanner, with Bluetooth and/or RFID reader options. The tab allows retailers to use an iPad as a point-of-sale (POS) device.

When integrated on an iPad, the Infinea Tab adds the ability to read barcodes, magnetic data from credit cards and loyalty cards, and read-write data via RFID. The Infinea Tab and iPad can also be used with software written for other applications and industries, including expediting and automating inventory management, asset tracking, ID verification, lead tracking, inspection/work flow, dispatch, time/labour, lab and healthcare. Software development resources and tools are available for the Infinea Tab which enables scanner and reader functions to be programmed into other software applications.

“After carefully listening to our customers and their issues, we can now meet all of their iPad POS needs with the smallest combination barcode and mag stripe reader for the iPad today,” said Jeffrey Scott, CEO at IPC.

The four tab models are, the Infinea Tab MSR with a 3-track magnetic stripe reader, the Infinea Tab MSR 1D/2D which also includes a 1D or 2D barcode scanner, the Infinea MSR 1D/2D BT which also includes Bluetooth and the Infinea Tab MSR 1D/2D BT RFID, which includes an RFID reader.

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