Mvelopes launches mobile bill pay service

Pay bills and manage budgets on the go

Online home budget management service, Mvelopes, is launching a new mobile bill pay service for its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps (view press release). The service is designed to make it easier for users to instantly pay bills and manage their budgets on the go. Mvelopes Mobile Bill pay, will allow users to pay bills from multiple accounts. The solution allows payments and transfers to be tracked and forecasted for future payment, assisting users in their efforts to stay on budget. In addition, bill payments can also be scheduled for the next business day from their phone, from anywhere and from any account.

Many Americans bank at more than one financial institution, and for various reasons, want or need to pay bills and handle other household expenses from different accounts,” said David Smith, developer of the Mvelopes platform. “Our bill pay system lets you manage all of your payment and budgeting needs in a single, easy-to-use dashboard, eliminating bank-to-bank transfer fees or the need to run out, physically withdraw money from one bank and deposit it in the other.

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