ABC Mobile Pay partners Technical Services Resources to create RNC Mobile Wallet

Partnering for mobile wallet

American Bank Card Processing (ABC Mobile Pay), an m-payment technology provider, is partnering with Technical Services Resources, a provider of integrated services including payment systems, to create RNC Mobile Wallet (view press release). RNC Mobile Wallet will offer custom solutions for clients in search of wallet, kiosk, and mobile PoS systems and services. RNC is designed to ensure that its customers are ready for the Mobile Wallet App Era, which will be released shortly. The solution allows customers to carry all their credit cards, gift cards, and rewards cards in memory on their smart phones.

RNC will provide custom solutions to seamlessly enable and coordinate a merchant’s implementation and acceptance of the coming e-wallets and the cards within them and all other forms of payment as well,” said ABC Mobile Pay CEO Rick Berry. “RNC is currently able to deliver the required blend of brick & mortar, online and mobile components into a smooth solution in which one facet supports and promotes the other facets etc. which is the future of commerce.”

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