Gemalto’s NFC management service in Singapore goes live

NFC service goes live

The NFC management service in Singapore, operated by digital security provider, Gemalto, has gone live (view press release). The service is powered by Gemalto’s Allynis Trusted Serviced Manager (TSM) solution, and is hosted by its local TSM data centre. The project to bring NFC to Singapore will bring together local partners including mobile operators, banks and service providers. Gemalto claims that this will be the first time that the mobile operators and a range of other service providers will join forces to launch nationwide NFC services to the general public using a TSM solution.

A commercial rollout will enable consumers to tap and pay using their NFC-enabled mobile devices at around 20,000 retail points such as at convenience stores, fast food outlets, retailers and taxis. Gemalto claims that additional services are expected to join over the coming months when consortium partners launch their NFC services. Consumers will also be told how they can adopt NFC services as part of the launch plans.

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