Datacard releases software for EMV upgrades

New software package for US card issuers

Datacard, a card personalisation solutions provider, is releasing a software package that aims to help US card issuers utilise the Datacard CardWizard issuance software to migrate to EMV compliant smart card programmes (view press release). The upgrade package includes a phased approach which enables Datacard customers to integrate smart card personalisation into their existing card issuing environments. The first phase includes upgrading to the current CardWizard software server and key management software and installing a SafeNet hardware security module. The second phase includes onsite installation, an EMV technology introduction workshop and the EMV technology script development and management.

“With the rapid issuance and acceptance of EMV compliant cards throughout the world, as well as Visa and MasterCard announcing their plans to accelerate EMV technology migration in the US, it is important for card issuers to be ready to offer this technology in their card portfolios,” said Ron Zanotti, VP, financial instant issuance for Datacard Group. “Those that implement this EMV technology upgrade now will be in a prime position to offer EMV compliant cards when needed, thereby increasing cardholder service and satisfaction levels and easily meeting the industry’s 2015 compliance timeline.”

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