Elisa and Lyyra collaborate on contactless payment method for students

Providing NFC tech for students

Elisa, a Finnish telecommunications and ICT services provider, and student-owned company Lyyra are collaborating to enable around 100,000 students to use a new contactless payment method this autumn (view press release). The service, dubbed Elisa Lompakko, includes a payment sticker for contactless payments, separate online payment cards, an online and mobile application and money transfers between users. The features were developed in collaboration with MasterCard.

Students will be able to use the service to make payments of up to EUR 25 in student cafeterias and other locations with NFC contactless technology. Payments are made by touching a reader with a mobile phone that carries a MasterCard PayPass compatible payment sticker; these will be issued for free to Lyyra student card holders from the end of September until the end of the year. Users will be able to create online payment cards with validity payment limits, and can upload or transfer funds via online and mobile user interfaces. Eventually, the contactless payment application will be incorporated into the SIM, thus replacing the payment stickers.

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