Virtual Piggy launches child authentication service

Authenticating child payments

Virtual Piggy, an online youth management and commercial services provider, is launching a free to use service to allow the authentication of a child by a merchant site (view press release). The solution, VP Authenticate, allows a merchant to gain parental consent for children to use the merchant’s site. The solution comes in response to a new proposal from the FTC to eliminate the previous method for obtaining parental consent, known as e-mail plus, as an allowed mechanism after a review of the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.)

“After many years in the industry, we have always been aware of the shortcoming of e-mail plus,” said Dr. Alison Bryant, CEO of PlayScience. “I really like the thorough approach that Virtual Piggy has taken to solving this issue and I think this will be well received by both parents and merchants.”

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