GoPago launches GoPago LIVE app to replace cash registers

Introducing GoPago LIVE

GoPago, a cloud-based mobile payment app backed by JPMorgan Chase, introduces GoPago LIVE which replaces merchants’ cash registers with 4G enabled tablets and POS software (view press release). GoPago LIVE claims to be the world’s first free PaaS provider. All equipment and tech support comes free, with merchants instead paying a fixed 2.85% credit card transaction fee. Merchants get paid within 48 hours and cash transactions are free.

The Android tablet comes pre-loaded with GoPago software that automatically syncs and upgrades, provides real-time business analytics, has a mobile app interface built in and Verizon Wireless 4G connectivity. In addition, the system comes with a tablet stand, cash drawer, receipt printer and credit card reader. GoPago LIVE allows for a highly customised menu of services. The mobile app, available on iOS and Android is integrated into LIVE so merchants have an instant mobile shop front for customers to browse, order and pay on their smartphones.

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