Apple wins patent for new shopping app

Patented new shopping app

Apple has won patent no. 8,239,276 for its On-the-go Shopping List App. The app gathers information from other apps, scans barcodes for information, makes comparisons, provides product reviews and includes mapping technology. The patent does not cover all shopping lists, only actually what is done to the list once it has been put together. The scanning done by the device will be completed using a barcode scanner on the back, or using the camera or NFC technology. It seems that the NFC technology will be used for reading product information or for redeeming deals and offers such as coupons, rather than for making payments.

Once the shopping list has been assembled, the app sends the list to a server which makes decisions about the best places to buy the items depending on user variables, such as location and preferences etc. The list is then organised by retailer, and the app can provide a map of the best route to take.

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