PayAnywhere updates iOS App with new features

Enhancing its iOS m-payment solution

PayAnywhere, a provider of m-payments, is adding new features to its mobile payment solution for use on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices (view press release). The update to the PayAnywhere iOS app incorporates a heat map feature and the ability to process refunds in-app. The heat map allows users to zoom in and out on regions and view individual or grouped transactions, enabling merchants to see where sales are taking place. The merged tip and signature function allows customers to add a tip and sign on a single screen. Merchants also have the ability to issue refunds for specific items or to adjust the price on particular items from directly within the app. Existing features of the app include the ability to add custom tip at check out and compatibility with cash drawers and AirPrint or Star thermal printers. Merchants who use the app will be charged 2.69% for swiped transactions, with funds normally deposited in merchant accounts within two business days. PayAnywhere is also available to merchants using Android phones and tablets and Blackberry smartphones.

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