ACI launches latest integrated payment solution

Retail Commerce Server 5.0

ACI Worldwide, a provider of payment systems, is launching its latest integrated payment solution designed for acquiring, authenticating, switching and authorising retailers’ financial transactions across multiple channels (view press release). Dubbed Retail Commerce Server 5.0, the solution is intended for the US and Mexican markets and integrates with current and emerging m-wallet provider applications.  ACI claims that most m-wallets currently operating are designed to bypass the retailer’s existing payments infrastructure. This results in both internal and external costs increasing while the retailer’s ability to manage the customer relationship is negatively impacted. Retail Commerce Server 5.0 allows the transaction flow through the existing infrastructure meaning that retailers will be able to meet customer requirements without the need to introduce changes to their store or headquarter operations.

ACI’s solution allows for segmented payment data and configuration rules set for retailers with multiple brands. This feature allows for a single instance of the Retail Commerce Server payment switch while enabling the retailer to customise each banner or franchise’s payment experience as desired. In addition, the solution has been created to enhance interoperability with other transaction types.

Our retail customers face a rapidly evolving payments environment and ACI is ready to assist them to seamlessly integrate these changes into their current systems,” said Jeffrey Hale, Senior Vice President, Retail Payments, ACI Worldwide. “The latest version of Retail Commerce Server empowers retailers to meet the growing demand for mobile wallet services with near seamless integration into their existing systems. It will result in a stronger relationship with the consumer since they will be able to use the payment means of their choice without having to endure service disruptions.

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