hyperWALLET launches new consumer prepaid card

General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Visa prepaid card

hyperWALLET, a provider of global payment solutions, is expanding its prepaid card product line to include a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Visa prepaid card (view press release). hyperWALLET’s card can be used as a bank account alternative, which will allow the cardholder to fund the card from a number of sources such as cash at around 40,000 retail locations and direct deposits of wages or salaries.  hyperWALLET’s card is can be branded by sponsored corporations and corporate incentive cardholders have the option to upgrade their card.

The US prepaid market is ripe for an offering with a fresh take on fees, distribution, and branding. Reloadability is the first of several planned features on our roadmap to make our product the ‘favourite’ card for both corporations and their payees,” said Lisa Shields, president and CEO of hyperWALLET.

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