ABnote chooses Go-Trust microSD card for secure NFC element

Choose credit cards to use on smartphones

ABnote Australasia has selected Go-Trust SWP 8GB Secure microSD for the ‘Mobile Credit Card Select’ Smart Phone Mobile Payment Card from GoTrust Technology. ABnote’s secure applications allow its users to choose which credit card to use on their smartphone and incorporate edge tag scan promotional discounts in the NFC payments. The Go-Trust Secure microSD is a JAVA smart card that supports hardware security for a number of secure banking transactions with or without NFC capability, such as funds transfer, on-line credit card payment, without typing credit card information, bill pay, auto recharge of the contactless payment of ticket/voucher storage.

The Go-Trust Mobile Credit Card solution is designed to enable banks to control secure banking functions and issuances of m-payments cards without depending on particular telecoms service providers. Banks issue the secure microSD themselves; transactions security remains in the control of the bank, and they govern the NFC transaction fee.

ABnote Australasia will use the GO-Trust MicroSD Mobile Credit Card and HTC NFC mobile phone to implement several NFC projects currently in the pipeline. One project due to launch this month, is a solution which enables a local bank to load and personalise secure payment solutions over the air. 

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