OLB Group launches mobile commerce SaaS services

Turnkey solution

OLB Group, an e-commerce service provider offering software products and services, is launching a mobile commerce SaaS service within its existing framework to provide a turnkey solution to small retailers, merchants banks and ISOs (view press release). The service is designed for those looking for a one-stop, unified solution to their eCommerce, mCommerce, marketing, PoS and inventory managements as a SaaS.

Retailers will be able to get a PoS system on an iPad or a tablet and access the same PoS from the retailer’s regular computer from anywhere. A multi-location feature system allows users to manage inventory and track it by barcode and QR code. As a result, customers will have access to coupons and loyalty programmes and have data feeds to a number of search engines such as Google. The solution will support PayPal, Amazon payments, Square, Google Checkout, Intuit PoS and other online PoS system offerings.  


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