ChipCap to launch EMV card reader

Utilising Chip and PIN technology

Technology company, ChipCap, is incorporating patent pending into its new EMV card reader (view press release). The ChipCap reader will combine a personal card acceptance device, a hardware authentication token and secure flash drive, designed to allow banks to offer new services and more value to clients building on Chip and PIN technology. In addition, it is hoped that the device will provide banks with a means to combat online banking and card fraud. The ChipCap Reader will also enables banks to give their customers capability to accept card payments on a PC, mobile phone or tablet utilising Chip and Pin authentication.

Online banking and card fraud is a growing concern on a global scale. We provide heightened security without the cumbersome user experience faced by online banking customers today,” said Christian Warhuus, CTO and founder of ChipCap. “Cardholders are taught to use Chip and PIN. We want to streamline this user experience, whether you are logging into your online bank or making a payment. We believe magnetic stripe and signature transactions would be a step back when we want to move forward.

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