CashFlows launches prepaid card issuing service

One stop solution

CashFlows, a provider of business to business financial services, is launching a prepaid card issuing service (view press release).The service has been designed to create a ‘one stop solution’, allowing businesses to consolidate their card acceptance and issuing capabilities within an integrated model. The company, a principle issuing and acquirer member of Visa and MasterCard, hopes the service will complement its portfolio of regulated financial services in Europe.

CashFlows has also partnered with ROK Global, an international marketing and media group, to deliver prepaid card issuing services for two specific programmes, with an initial card order for around 50,000 cards. The new solution will also act as a supplement to CashFlows’ existing contactless card programme for businesses using the CashFlow Account, created to bring together business account and merchant account facilities.

The use of prepaid cards has never been stronger but businesses that want to offer programmes have been frustrated by the lack of regulated service providers and the time required for a programme to reach the market,” said Nick Ogden, Chairman and CEO, CashFlows. “CashFlows is pleased to announce the launch of its prepaid programmes, which have been designed to simplify the customer experience. We look forward to developing our relationship with ROK and working on further exciting programmes in the future.”

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