MasterCard partners ISIC for student card

Student card

MasterCard is partnering with the International Student Identity Card Association (ISIC) to provide students with the identity benefits associated with ISIC cards combined with a MasterCard branded payment card (view press release). The partnership follows a recent MasterCard Student Transition survey which indicated that around 65% of parents of college-aged young adults worry most about their child’s ability to manage money and spend wisely. It also revealed that two in five parents believed that their child will run out of money in the first month of college. Students who use the card will be able to manage their money, track spending and purchase goods at discounted prices online or in-store.

The ISIC MasterCard program is unique in that students are able to use a single card to prove their student identity internationally, as well as access funds and benefits easily and securely around the world,” said Martijn van de Veen, General Manager of the ISIC Association. “Our partnership highlights the importance of providing students with the tools and knowledge to help guide them through the financial realities they will encounter as they navigate their way through student life.

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