Revel Systems releases updated version of its PoS system

Grocery POS system

Revel Systems, a provider of iPad PoS solutions is releasing an updated version of its PoS system designed specifically for supermarkets and grocery stores (view press release). The Grocery POS system incorporates integration with Dwolla, a payment platform that charges no fees for transactions under USD10 and USD.025 per transaction for any amount over USD10, with no service agreement or cancellation fees for the stories. LevelUP’s payment platform is also a supported plug-in. the system also includes hardware connections via wireless connection through Revel Systems’ Revel Router to peripherals that include Honeywell flatbed scanner, Epson printers, chip/PIN attachment for PIN debit transactions, cash drawers and scales. Supermarkets can also import and export products to change prices on the go. It also comes with price-embedded SKUs that enable deli and other sections of stores to preprint price-embedded barcodes to expedite front register scans.

Revel Systems is about building a platform for all commerce to interact, and our Grocery POS system has been in development for over a year to provide our customers with the features they really want and need to run their businesses,” said Lisa Falzone, CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems. “The payment industry is super competitive right now, not to mention that these specialty stores want sleek design with attachment to best-of-breed peripherals. Our partnership with Dwolla for payments and our API, which connects to Honeywell scanners and other peripherals, give our customers the most advanced features at an extremely competitive price point.”

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