Malauzai launches text-based mobile banking service


Malauzai, a provider of mobile banking apps for community financial institutions, is launching SmarText, a new service which will enable users to access account balances and recent transaction history without the need to perform a traditional login on a mobile application (view press release). SmarText incorporates text banking with mobile app-based banking. The solution was created in response to data collated by Malauzai which showed that logging in is one of the most challenging tasks in mobile banking, mostly due to mistyped information. City Bank Texas, one of the banks using the functionality, found this hurdle was affecting successful sign in rates.

The bank claims that since using the service, 16% of its m-banking customers have activated the feature, while this represents 20% of all daily logins. Login features have also declined by around 5%. If the user attempts to complete any other transactions, such as a funds transfer or managing their card features, the app requires them to perform the standard login.

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