Mobeam partners ProLogic for digital coupons on mobile devices

Digitized coupon system

Mobeam, a mobile couponing and ticketing company, is partnering with ProLogic, a coupon processor and clearing house, to enable the processing of digital coupons on mobile devices. The companies aim to integrate their technologies to close the gap that exists between the current digital coupons available on consumer mobile devices and their redemption at point of sale. By combining Mobeam’s light-based technology and ProLogic Digital Coupon Clearing solution, the companies will create a digitized coupon system for consumers and retailers. Consumers will be able to acquire and redeem coupons digitally, while retailers can digitally process and clear the coupon to complete the transaction loop.

Mobeam’s technology makes digital coupons and other content presented on a mobile device universally scannable by a POS system. The company’s technology turns barcode data for coupons, content, or offers into a beam of light that can be read by barcode scanners presented at store checkout counters. When a coupon is presented at the POS and is digitally redeemed by a shopper, ProLogic’s Digital Coupon Clearing solution will complete the digital coupon process.


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